Cut NORDMAN Christmas Tree 175-200cm

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Our beautifully shaped & well grown Nordman 175-200cm Needle Holding Christmas Tree has arrived and look as gorgeous as usual. They are specially trimmed for modern homes so that although bushy that will suit most homes.

We offer heights suited to modern homes starting a 1.5 (5′) meters up to 2.5 meters (8’+)

You can order in store or online here. We will choose you a lovely tree which will be easy because the standard is so even across the delivery.

Read our post below about these trees and how to make the most of yours.

When you arrive home:

If you are decorating earlier than in other years following our advise will give you the best results for 2020.
  • Cut 25mm (1″) off the base. This allows water to be drawn up into the tree. Natural resins block these ‘pipes’. Removing a disk of wood solves the problem.
  • Stand your tree in a bucket of water, outside for a few days before moving inside. This means a little time management on your part. Leave the tree in its net.
  • Fit your Christmas tree stand to the tree outside before bringing it in still leaving the net on.
  • Bring the tree indoors, with the stand fitted to the trunk, position & cut off the net. You will find a few needles fall off at this stage. This is normal. If your tree was still growing in a field it would naturally lose the needles that are six or more years old. These will fall from the very inner of the tree. Note when walking through an evergreen woodland that when you look up from under a forest sized conifer there aren’t any needles near to the trunk they are all on the outer edges.
  • Fill the stand with water. top it up daily.


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