Nemaknight Vine Weevil Nematode Control


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Nemaknight Vine Weevil Nematodes Control are a natural and safe way to kill Vine Weevil grubs and adults. Nematodes are found naturally in garden soil but by multiplying them in a laboratory you can overload you soil or compost straight from the shaker pack.

Vine Weevils have become the number 1 pest in UK gardens over the last 25 years. A native of the UK, it spread rapidly after an old ‘DDT like’ insecticide was banned & before a safer replacement was introduced. The adult is a nuisance as it cuts half moon size ‘bites’ out of evergreens. However, it’s the grub that does the most damage. These slow developing larvae live for 2-3 years eating the roots of many plants. They love the relative warmth of patio pots and container.

The first sign of damage is a collapsing plant, that on inspection seems to no roots. In investigation of the compost the grubs are found.

NemaKnight Vine Weevil Nematode Control is a pesticide free way to control this awful peat. If you find it in one of your pots, it’s almost certain your other pots have them too. Treat those also as a precaution.

Each pack has a 6 month life and DOES NOT need to be kept in a fridge. The granules are a slow release formula too and will stay in the soils for a period of time.

This natural form of control kills vine weevils and lawn Chafer grubs. when this form as a spot treatment for Chafer grubs in lawns.

How to use:

Simply open easy flip lid and shake around lawn and garden areas where insect feeding damage is.

When to use:

In Spring when soil temperatures are over 8C. Treat when vine weevil larvae are active in April end of June and Late July to October.

When Nematodes are available.

Nematodes are a naturally occurring organism but when taken into a laboratory they can be bulked up by the millions. since they are alive when you buy them issues producing them can affect when (& if, on a rare occasion) they are avaialbele. Usually yey are available in sprig from late April. You can order as a ‘back order’ during April.

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