NemaSpray applicator for nematodes


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Nematodes can be applied with a watering can or the Neudorff NemaSpray. It enables the easy application of the nematodes over large areas such as your lawn.  It fits to your hose and is compatible with all major hose brand fittings. It is pre-calibrated for the Neudorff nematodes.


  • Fill water to the appropriate fill line
  • Drop the nematode sachet(s) into the filled sprayer and shake it until nematodes are fully dissolved
  • Attach a garden hose to the sprayer attachment and start spraying
  • Move the sprayer side-to-side during application
  • Nematodes are temperature sensitive, apply between March to June or August to October. In late springs delay treatment until it is warmer. check each product for exact timing of application. Nematodes thrive in moist soil at temperatures between 10 – 30C. The longer these temperatures last and the soil stays moist the better the results. Resist applying in cold soils in late springs.
  • Before application water your soil. Prepare the watering can or NemaSprayer and then apply the nematode mixture.

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