NemaKnight Gnat Nematodes Control


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Nemaknight Gnat Nematodes Control are a natural and safe way to kill slugs and snails. Nematodes are found naturally in garden soil but by multiplying them in a laboratory you can overload you soil or compost straight from the shaker pack.

Each pack has a 6 month life and DOES NOT need to be kept in a fridge. The granules are a slow release formula too and will stay in the soils for a period of time.

Based on encapsulated Steinernema feltiae with 6-month stable shelf life in an extended slow release formula to control of larval soil pests. Easy to use,simply flip lid and shake in the area with pests either indoors & outdoors. Suitable for spot treatment or mix into compost.

Environmentally sustainable and pesticide free.

Ferndale Daisy only