NemaKnight Ant Nematodes Control


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Nemaknight Ant Nematode Control is a dual action repels adult ants and kills young larvae in their nests.

It’s completely Child & Pet friendly and does not contain pesticides.

How to use:

Simply open easy flip lid and shake around lawn and garden
areas where ant hills are present. Spot treat lawns after
mowing to prevent ants from rebuilding nests.

When to use:

Use April to October when ant activity is present.

Based on encapsulated Steinernema feltiae (nematode) this version has a 6-month stable shelf life and an extended slow release to control of larval soil pests.

Easy application; simply flip lid and shake in the area with pest infested area for use outdoors, primary used for spot treatment.

100% Pesticide free


Ferndale Daisy only