Natural Grower Fertiliser 10 Litres


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Natural Grower Fertiliser is a plant-based approved organic Natural Liquid Fertiliser, made from maize, is a concentrated plant feed. Once diluted, it can be poured around the base of plants or pots in the garden or in the home, to be quickly absorbed as a potent source of food.

The liquid feed is suitable for all plants, fruit and vegetables, grass and trees. It is also excellent for feeding your indoor houseplants. The liquid is Ph neutral, so can be diluted with rainwater to make it slightly acidic, making it a great organic feed for acidic loving plants like Blueberries.

Chemical free and safe to be used around children and wildlife. Approved Organic and Approved Vegan.

NPK: 3.6-1.5-3.7 with essential trace elements that plants need.

Ferndale Daisy only