Narcis Tete a Tete

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Narcissus Tete a Tete are the most popular bulb sold by ourselves. The short stems produce multi-headed miniature Daffodils because of this and are much loved by most folk. More importantly, Narcissus Tete a Tete are very versatile and can be grown in your borders, pots, hanging baskets or as an indoor windowsill plant. They are very easy to grow and hardy.

Flowering Height : 20cm (8″)

Flowering Time : March

Planting depth : 100-150mm (4-5″)

Planting Distance in your Border : 100-150mm apart in groups.

Planting in pots : 100-150mm (4-5″) deep,  25mm (1″) apart. Suitable for Lasagne planting.

They will need a bit of insulation on the top of small pots in hard winter areas.

All Spring flowering bulbs will produce flowers every year when fed with HIGH POTASH FOOD straight after flowering. Always leave the foliage on the bulbs but snip off the faded flowers. Find out more about HIGH POTASH FOOD here.

Ferndale Daisy only