Miracle-Gro Performance Organic Fruit and Vegetable planter

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Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Planter is a high performance 100% natural and organic planter specially formulated for getting tastier produce in abundance. Glorious on plants, gentle on nature!

Where to use

Ideal for growing your own produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Not suitable for acid loving, ericaceous plants such as blueberries.

Perfect for use in beds, borders, hanging baskets, pots and containers.


  • Tomatoes, peppers and chillies: 2 plants per bag.
  • Strawberries: 4 plants per bag.
  • Courgette and cucumbers: 1 plant per bag.

Twice as much produce, organically

Plants need more than just water, they need the right balance of NPK and essential nutrients that are easily absorbed to give you tastier produce in abundance, naturally!

Plant based

Our specialist formula is plant based, making it the perfect solution for organic gardeners.

Pet and child friendly

All our products exceed stringent Government regulations and are suitable for use as directed in areas where children and pets have access. We recommend restricting access to the treated area during mixing, application and drying time of the product. Once it’s been applied in accordance with the label instructions, it should not pose any risk.

Ferndale Daisy only