Miracle Gro Moisture Control Gel 250g


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Miracle Gro Moisture Control Gel is a water absorbing gel that captures ‘spare’ water from compost that it can hold or use. This is then available for the plant roots to draw on as they need more water. By using this gel the compost stays moist meaning re-watering is easier & means that the plants have a constant supply of water for good growth. The water that plants absorb is the major transport system for food transfer from the compost into the plants system. Shortage of water means shortage of food & more likely problems with pests & diseases.

It is felt that you can reduce watering by using this gel but our advice is to water as normal for the best results. It is a good insurance policy for the days you forget to water or the sun comes out after you leave home.

For feeding we recommend adding Osmocote Tablets after planting or purchase for six months feeding from one application or Gro-Sure Slow Release granules mixed into the compost at planing time.

Miracle Gro also produce Moisture Control compost that includes a water retaining agent & slow release food in the compost to save you time.


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