Microgreens Radish (Leaf) Sang

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Microgreens Radish Leaf ‘Sangria’ will bring colour and flavour to your favourite sandwich! These tasty purple shoots are topped with bright green leaves which make this a particularly attractive salad garnish too. These delicious Radish shoots have a peppery, hot bite.

Microgreens are eaten as young seedlings prior to the first true leaves forming, when they are full of an intense range of flavours. A quick and easy crop that can be grown all year round indoors or in a warm greenhouse.

Sow microgreens thickly in pots or trays, on the surface of a good quality, free draining seed compost. Do NOT soak the seed prior to sowing. Water gently to settle the soil. Grow on a bright, sunny windowsill at an average temperature of 21-25C (70-75F). Do not exclude light as this aids germination. In winter, pots can be sealed inside a clear plastic bag or placed in a propagator to maintain adequate germination temperatures. Sow seed every 10 days for a continuous supply.

Keep the compost reliably moist until seedlings have developed. Microgreens can be harvested from around 10 -14 days after germination, when seedlings are around 5cm (2″) tall.

1 packet (200 seeds)

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