Microgreens Perilla/Shiso Red

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These Basil-like shoots bring a mild liquorice flavour to Japanese salads and sushi. Microgreens ‘Perilla/Shiso Red’ is an attractive variety with red tinted, fresh green shoots and leaves. Add it to stir fries for an authentic Oriental flavour, or simply enjoy some shoots in a sandwich.

Microgreens are eaten as young seedlings prior to the first true leaves forming, when they are full of an intense range of flavours. A quick and easy crop that can be grown all year round indoors or in a warm greenhouse.

Keep the compost reliably moist until seedlings have developed. Microgreens can be harvested from around 10 -14 days after germination, when seedlings are around 5cm (2″) tall.

1 packet (250 seeds)

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