Lilium Oriental Lavon

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Lilium oriental Lavon is a tall lily often called a Tree Lily. They grow between 1.5m-1.8m (5-6′) or maybe taller. THey take 2-3 years to reach their maximum height so don’t panic that you have the wrong variety during their first summer.

Lilium Lavon have golden trumpets that lighten with age. They are very fragrant. Mature Lilies may have up to 50 flowers per stem.

Lilies are hardy as long as the soil is free draining and doesn’t become waterlogged. Add grit or gritty sand to you soil below and around the bulbs. Plant them 15cm (6′) deep., 30cm (12″) apart. They will multiply in your soil and become more of a bush the longer you have them.

Lily Trees are ideal for planting at the back of borders and are easy to grow.

Lilies are generally pest free but recently the arrival of the Lily Beetle can be devastating to Lilies. They are easy to spot as they are bright red. Their larvae can strip the leaves from the lilies and to protect themselves from predators they cover themselves with their own faeces.

We have organic and non organic controls available if you miss picking off the adults before they lay their eggs. the adults are active from April to mid-summer. Keep your eyes peeled.

How to Grow Lilies

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