M.G. Slow Rel. Food 1kg+30%

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Miracle Gro Slow Release All Purpose food 1kg+30% Extra


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Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food is ideal for all plants indoors and out whether in pots & containers, hanging baskets, beds, borders or the lawn.

It contains a unique mix of 10 nutrients carefully balanced to provide plants with essential nutrients required for optimum growth and flowering.

These ‘slow release’ feeds should really be called controlled release feeds. The control is provided by the resin coating around the kernel of compound fertilizer. The resin coating has microscopic pores through it. These pores let water from the soil or compost inside to dissolve the fertiliser.  The feed can only be released as the temperature increase and the pores enlarge, the warmer it becomes the more food is released.

The warmer it gets the more plants grow and the more food they need. Controlled Release feeds are perfect for growing plants.

Ferndale Daisy only