Durawise box ball net 35cm-60L Warm White LEDs

Durawise 60 LEDs Warm White Box Net 50cm diameter – Battery Outdoor


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Durawise Warm White 60 LED boxnet lights are especially designed for outdoor use. Ideal for tree, shrubs, conifers, window frames & doorways, with no trailing wires.

Durawise battery operated LED lights do not need to be plugged in to a mains outlet overcoming the need for outdoor sockets. Can be used next to the house or a long way down the garden.

Durawise are complete with 8 Function twinkling control, including static. On any of the twinkling settings the batteries last at least 30 days, seeing you through the Christmas festivities.

Complete with 6 hour timer. When you first switch the lights on they continue for 6 hours and then turn themselves off. They will then turn themselves on for 6 hours everyday at the same time as you first switched them on until the batteries need replacing.

Black Cable

Ferndale Daisy only