Lawn Turf


Locally Grown – each roll of turf covers 1 square metre.



Lawn Turf is the quickest way to create a lawn. once you have prepared the soil you just roll out the turf, keep it well watered until it’s rooted properly.

We treat our locally grown lawn turf as horticulturalist, unlike other retailers. When the rolls of turf arrive with in the hour we unroll it and lay it out in the sunshine and water it regularly. This means that when we roll it up again for you to take home it’s in top condition so that if you unroll it straight away at home onto your soil and water it regularly it will produce a lush, thick, green lawn to be proud of and enjoy.

Prepare your soil by digging the soil, and breaking it down into a fine ’tilth’, that is small particles of soil and not big clods. This is the surface that roots love to grow in. Having dug and cultivated your soil it will be light and fluffy and needs ‘tamping’ down to make a firm and level surface. Tamping can be carried out with a lawn roller or by walking back and forth over all of the soil with a side ways crab like movement with out a gap between you steps. Re-rake the soils repeatedly to pull soil into the hollows. Care on until it is completely level. Then you can roll out your turf. Do this before you have it delivered.

Sprinkle a general fertiliser over the soils surface and rake into the soil before rolling out your turf. Use Fish, Blood and Bone fertiliser as you general fertiliser.

The soil preparation for turf laying is exactly the same for producing a lawn from grass seed.


When rolls of turf are left rolled up on a pallet out side other stores it does what natural green material will do – it turns to compost. It heats up and dies. If you buy these rolls, when you unroll it it will be yellow at best, possibly brown. When you roll it out onto your soil, and even if you water it enough, it won’t thrive, you will then need to buy some grass seed to over seed the dead bits.

Our Turf

Our turf is cared for by horticulturist so you will grow a great lawn, very quickly.

Our Turf supplier resupplies us every week. Due to the nature of unpredictable sales we advise calling us first to check the availability.

Phone 01246 412763.

If you need more that 10 square meters we can order larger quantities for you to ensure you have your turf in one purchase.

Deliver can be arranged for larger quantities.

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