Lavandula Dwarf Blue 2L


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The perfect choice for a smaller space, this neat and compact, bushy Lavender ‘Dwarf Blue’ is ideal for growing in a patio pot or narrow beds. Little in size but big in terms of interest, you can enjoy a fabulous show of uniform, fragrant blue blooms through the summer months. Bees and butterflies love these nectar-rich flowers – perfect if you’re gardening with wildlife in mind. Throughout the rest of the year, their aromatic evergreen foliage forms a neat and structural shape which remains consistent all year round. Drought tolerant and very resilient, you can enjoy this hardy shrub year after year. Try this variety in terracotta pots for a Mediterranean look, they also sit very comfortably as part of a traditional cottage garden.

How to Grow

Grow English lavender plants on free draining soil in full sun. Lavenders dislike wet ground, particularly during winter. Improve heavy soil conditions by adding coarse grit or sharp sand prior to planting. When growing English lavender in large patio containers, use a well drained soil based compost such as John Innes No. 3. After planting, prune lavender plants to encourage bushy growth.
Water regularly throughout summer until lavender plants are fully established. Once established, they are reasonably drought tolerant. Immediately after flowering, prune English lavender back to within 2cm (1″) of the previous year’s growth to maintain a compact, well shaped plant. Culinary idea: Make delicious lavender sugar or lavender and mint jelly from the freshly picked flowers.
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