Lakeland Gold 30L


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Dalefoot Lakeland Gold is a sustainably produced soil improver made by composting potash-rich bracken, that is harvested from the Lake District fells. Dalefoot Lakeland Gold is composted and allowed to cure over time, this humus rich soil conditioner will provide a ‘firm basis to good gardening’.

Proven CLAYBUSTER – clay soils will gain a more open structure so that they drain better. The lignin contained in the bracken breaks up the clay and releases the nutrients held within.

Enrich your soil by increasing the organic matter – the benefits are many: provides natural slow release nutrients; aids moisture retention; helps balance the pH; reduces erosion and provides a banquet for the earthworms. Helps develop a fertile, living soil.

Clay breaking compost:

  • Aerates & improves soil structure
  • Feeds naturally for 2 years
  • Peat-free
  • Approved for organic gardening
  • Vegan friendly

How to use Lakeland Gold

  • Apply in the Spring and Autumn directly to the top of the soil and allow the worms to work it into the beds
  • Use as a top dressing for plants
  • Use in No Dig gardening
Ferndale Daisy only