Johnsons ‘Quick Lawn’ lawn seed


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Johnsons ‘Quick Lawn’ lawn seed is the best lawn grass seed we’ve sold. It’s the simplest but most suitable for most domestic lawns.

It does everything your lawn should be:
  • Hard wearing
  • Shade tolerant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Needs less moving*

Developed as part of a sports turf research this mixture of grass seeds will fulfil the needs of family lawn looking lush and green all year.

Can be used for overseeding thin existing lawns, patching and brand new lawns. When starting from scratch the real benefits of *’less mowing’ come into play. When used to patch ot over seeding the tallest grasses will be the ones already growing.


When filling patches, as distinct from overseeding a thin lawn, loosed the soil inside the patch and beyond and sow beyond the patch so that you don’t have bright green patches. The idea is to blend the seeds into you existing lawn grasses.


You can do this on very thin lawns where you may have treated moss, or wear from regular use. It’s also a good practise to do for thinner lawns. THe thicker the grass the less moss you will have.


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20m2, 60m2


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