Hedera Gloire De Marengo 3L

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Hedera algeriensis ‘Gloire de Marengo’ is small but vigorous evergreen climbing shrub, supported by aerial roots. The main feature of this plant is the beautiful silver-green leaves with creamy white edgings. It also produces small black berries that grow after the flowering period; the flowers are small clusters of yellow-green flowers making it an excellent plant to attract birds to your garden. This ivy plant is excellent for growing over trellis or against a wall to bring wildlife and winter interest to any garden.

Soil: Any fertile, well-drained soil
Position: Any position in shelter to protect from cold winds, Full sun or partial shade
Hardiness: Young plants are frost hardy down to -5c and may need some winter protection, Mature plants are fully hardy down to -20c
Flowering Period: Insignificant, Grown for foliage
Flowering Colour: Yellow/green
Special features: Silver-green very attractive leaves throughout the year.

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