Grow Your Own Tea Plants


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Grow your own tea plants means exactly that, you can grow your own tea leaves.

Tea plants are a type of Camellia plant and you pick the leaves, dry them and make your own green tea.

Camellias sinensis, the tea plants, are ericaceous plants, meaning that they like acid soils (lime free soil). The tea leaves are produced by drying the green leaves at the end of the branches. We tell you how below.

You can grow the tea plants in pots or the ground & in sheltered gardens you could grow them as a hedge. The plants are hardy evergreen and don’t like cold easterly winds in winter. The new growth is frost tender so avoiding east facing early morning sun is advised. Like all camellias they like shade and moist (but not waterlogged) soils.

They can be grown in a conservatories in pots using Ericaceous compost but don’t let them scorch in briht sunlight.

How to make tea leaves.

  • Pick only the green soft tops of the plant are used for making tea (one bud and two leaves)
  • Place the leaves in the sun for a maximum of 15 minutes
  • Heat the leaves in a wok 4 to 6 minutes
  • Roll the leaves through your hands until they’re a ball and feel sticky
  • Let them dry for a day at room temperature
  • Sit down and enjoy your tea moment!

Green tea is made with water of 80 degrees!

Find out more detail from this Dutch video with English subtiles




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