Gro-Sure Smart Cover 100L


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Smart Cover Mulch from Westland (also known as WEED STOP) is a great improvement on traditional mulches. It’s a wood fibre that locks together once applied and this keeps it in place. It is lighter than bark and easier to apply. It spreads 50% further than bark and 75% better at preventing weeds.

Smart Cover reduces water loss from your soil or compost,

How to use:

Clear away weeds thoroughly and completely before putting Smart Ground Cover down, including removing the roots of any perennial weeds. Water plants and soil before applying, to ensure the soil is moist. We recommend wearing gloves when handling.

Spread a layer of Smart Ground Cover 3 cm deep over the soil surface. Ensure the soil is evenly and completely covered.
When spreading, break up any clumps and fluff-up the mulch up to incorporate air. Suitable for use on beds and borders,
or containers. After spreading, water over the surface of the mulch. This locks the fibres together.

Should any weeds appear, remove as soon as possible to prevent them spreading. Smart Ground Cover Mulch will stay effective for years after application but may need occasional replenishment to maintain a thick enough layer on top of the soil surface.


How much to use (coverage table)?

Location/Depth 1 bag covers
Beds & borders – 3cm depth 5sq.m
Plants/containers/pots* – 3cm depth 39 pots*
*Based on a 40cm circular pot

General advice

• Do not apply when the ground is frozen.
• Smart Ground Cover is great for use with garden bulbs.
• Bulbs will grow up through the mulch and flower normally.
• Smart Ground Cover is safe to use with ericaceous / lime hating / acid loving plants.
• Store in a dry frost free place away from weed killers and other garden chemicals.
• Reseal bag after use.

Smart Cover is also known as Weed Stop

Ferndale Daisy only