Eton Weave Sofa



The Eton weave sofa is part of the Eton range of MIX & MATCH garden furniture. all items in this range are sold separately. This allows you to create your own set up to suit your space and needs. The Eton range includes showerproof cushions. These should be stored in the dry during wet summer periods and your home in winter.

In common with all our weave ranges the frames constructed from powder coated aluminium.  in all ranges the weave is made from uPVC plastic, the same materials that window frames are made from. This ensures that they are long lasting and weather proof.

This style of furniture is intended to be left outside all winter WITHOUT COVERS. The reason is that algae may grow under the cover and into the weave, which creates an extra job in spring. Plus the covers will run in the wind all winter and disintegrate. Since they materials used are weatherproof the rain doesn’t harm them and the winter winds constantly dry out the wet. We do advise moving the furniture to a sheltered spot in exposed gardens. The wind doesn’t damage the furniture but a flying chair might damage something else.

Sofa dimensions

Length: 134cm          Depth: 84cm      Height at back: 82cm


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