Crocus sativus – the Saffron


40 bulbs


The autumn flowering Crocus sativus – the Saffron Crocus is the source of Saffron the spice. Saffron is the worlds most expensive spice as each flower only produces 3 stigmas each. These bright orange – red strands when dried are the strands of saffron you’ve seen in jars and may have at home for cooking. 1 gram takes around 150 Crocus sativus flowers. Our great value pack contains 40 bulbs so you are well on your way to your first gram of Saffron. Just think how you can boast when you treat your friends with baked goods or rice infused with your own Saffron.

Don’t forget they look amazing flowering in your garden too and in autumn rather than spring.

Flowering Height : 100mm (4″)

Flowering Time : September/October

Planting depth : 50mm (2″)

Planting Distance in your Border : 80mm (3″) apart in groups of 25 or 50s for the best effect.

Planting in pots : 80mm (4″) deep,  25mm (1″) apart.

All Spring flowering bulbs will produce flowers every year when fed with HIGH POTASH FOOD straight after flowering. Always leave the foliage on the bulbs but snip off the faded flowers. Find out more about HIGH POTASH FOOD here.


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