Chempak Magnesium 750g

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Specialist plant food to put the colour back into flowers and vegetable greenery.

Where to use:
Magnesium is an essential trace element for plant health. A shortage of magnesium in plants produces discoloured areas or dead patches between the veins on lower leaves. A deficiency of magnesium is usually a result of highly leached and sandy soil or an excess of potash in the soil that can ‘lock up’ magnesium.

How and when to use:
Use as a base dressing when preparing beds and borders, or to top dress the root area on established plants. Avoid leaf contact. Chempak Magnesium can be applied at any time although it is useful to apply early in the year as soils known to be magnesium deficient. Use if symptoms develop and repeat the application if not corrected quickly.

Free Measuring Spoon & Feeding Guide included with every pack.

Ferndale Daisy only