Blooms, Bees & Butterflies

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Bees & Butterflies need our help & no more so than in spring where in the UK it’s often cold & bees & butterflies that do venture out can’t find many flowers. Plant a collection in a pot or close together in a border where you can see it & the insects can find lots of nectar in one spot. They look good close together too.

The bulb varieties have been especially chosen to flower at a similar time & with heights that compliment each other.

Use these bulbs as part of a Bee & Butterfly attracting garden or part of your garden. Plant a range of shrubs, & herbaceous plants that flower one after another to ensure that Bee & Butterflies have a reliable source of food. Pick scented plants & varieties with simple open flowers rather than double flowers.

Other bulbs to plant that bees like are Allium Drumstick

Blooms, Bees & Butterflies – Yellow and Orange Collection

Blooms, Bees & Butterflies – Lilac and Pink Collection

Blooms, Bees & Butterflies – Red and White Collection

Blooms, Bees & Butterflies – Whites and Blues Collection














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Lilac & Pink, Orange & Yellow, Pink, Red & White, White, Whites & Blues


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