Bird Feeding Station Project

Build this project together as a family as part of homeschooling.

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Henry Bell Essentials 4 Arm Complete Feeding Station

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Henry Bell Fat Balls x 50 Tub

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Henry Bell Sunflower Hearts 1Kg

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Henry Bell Peanuts 2Kg

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Henry Bell No Mess Mix 2Kg

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This Bird Feeding Station Project includes a four arm feeding stations with water tray and seed tray plus a range of food to attract a wide variety of garden birds to your garden.

British garden birds have been declining for some years, but experts suggest that feeding at home is a great way to help product our feathered favorites.

Feeding throughout the year trains the birds to know you will be feeding them when the winter weather natural food stocks are low. You might save the lives of the smallest birds that have little or no reserves.

This offer includes peanuts, 50 fat balls, robin blend and no mess seed mix plus the four arm feeding station.


Count the different birds types, learn about their life cycles and more as a part of homeschooling.

Ferndale Daisy only