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The new apple Redlove Odysso, bred by Lubera in Switzerland, is ideal for the UK. The Swiss summers although often warmer than the UK are surprisingly similar. Of course Swiss winters are much harder than ours so Apple Redlove Odysso is very hardy.

The red flushed fruit is very sweet and juicy. The sweet scent of a ripe apple is even strong about 4 weeks after picking. Picking is in Early October and taste best from 3-4 weeks after picking. If you haven’t eaten them all they will store until February.

Apple Redlove Odysso is a medium to strong grower but only grows to 2-2.5 metres tall. It’s suitable frop smaller gardens as it is quite upright in growth. It is scab resistant and has little mildew. We recommend spraying regularly with one of the new surfactant sprays. Read more via the link.

Apple Redlove Odysso can be grown in all soils apart from permanently water logged soils and will grow with light shade and full sun. A south or west facing position will ripen the fruit to give the best flavours.




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