Alpine Planting and Potting Compost 25L

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Westland Alpine Planting and Potting Compost is the especially formulated to grow alpines and rockery plants and give them the best start.

Alpines, the group of plants, originate and grow on mountain sides. They need two very important characteristics – lot of light and very good drainage.  There are a few exceptions, but most of the type you can plant in the UK need the light and very good drainage.

Westland Alpine Planting & Potting Mix has been specially blended with added zinc complex. This is important in the production of plant growth hormone auxin. It improves the transport of water and also nutrients around plants. Therefore it promotes root and shoot growth for stronger, healthier plants. Encouraging photosynthesis for plant energy production.

Free draining soils have a high proportion of grit and are often low in nutrient. Alpines are adapted for low nutrients and this compost has low but correct levels for the best of health. Don’t over feed after planting as this may affect how the plants grow and even stop them flowering.

Growing alpines in wet soils will either kill them or stunt them. Plant into this mix in your garden or in pots or alpine troughs.


Ferndale Daisy only