Actinidia arguta Issai P9

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Actinidia arguta Issai is a small grape size Kiwi fruit. It has many fruits that are almost hairless in September.

It’s easy to grow and because it’s self pollinating (most Kiwis need a male and a female plants) it’s ideal for smaller gardens where only one plant can be grown.

It has lovely foliage that also makes it an attractive ornamental climber too. It’s vigorous and is best trained in layers (espalier) along wires between posts in a veg plot or allotment or along a sunny fence or wall in a garden. It will grow on a pergola too. It will cover an area upto 5 meters wide.

Sunshine is important for lots of fruit.

Water well and regularly during your plants early life to establish it properly. The first season is the most important year for establishment.  Feed on planting and every March & June with Rose food.  Mulching with composted garden waste or bark every autumn.

Prune kiwi plants during winter. Use the first couple of winters to build the espalier frame work on the wires. Cut back the leading shoot to keep your Kiwi to size. Your fruit will form from the small white flowers from summer onwards. These flowers are produced on fruit spurs on the previous seasons growth. Cut the side shoots on horizontal stems to 3 or 4 buds in summer.

Your first fruit will appear in the 3rd season.



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