Kitchen Garden Plants

There are two groups of vegetable plants, hardy/semi hardy & tropical.
Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and Aubergines are tropical plants. They hate cold nights, that’s those below 8-10C. This is rare belore mid to late May depending upon the weather at the time. So planting too early will retard growth. It’s better to plant later in the warmth. Late planting catches up & surpasses early planting.
Cabbages, leeks, carrots, beetroot, onions, are hardy vegetables & lettuce, & salad leaves are semi hardy & need protection from overnight frost. Use fleece.

Herbs – we are not able to offer herbs currently due to the crisis.
Most herb plants are from Mediterranean areas. To produce plants for spring they are grown in greenhouses. To ensure that you don’t plant these tender herbs too early we won’t stock them until its safe to do so. This will mean some of your favourites will be able later than others. Basil is very fussy and quite tender. We recommend in our region that it’s either grown in a greenhouse or conservatory or a very sheltered patio.

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