Happy New Year! It’s spring time!

Spring flowers

What? ‘Happy New Year! It’s spring time’? From a gardening point of view September could be described as your gardens NEW YEAR. Any new tasks and actions you take are in preparation for spring. This couldn’t be more true than spring flowering bulbs planting time.

Spring flowering bulb growing in your garden and pots is the easiest gardening you will ever do. Every ‘dry’ bulb is a complete plant growing system with everything needed all wrapped up inside. The flowers are already formed as are the leaves and all you need to do is plant them and nature does the rest. Planting them between late August and December will create a spring show that you don’t need to think about as long as the soil or compost drains the winter rains away.

If you plant a wide variety of spring flowering bulbs you could have flowers from January to May. They are all hardy and flower every spring for years.

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