Colour for 7 Months

colour for 7 months

Plant a second basket now

During September it’s vital to plant your winter baskets and pots ASAP. Plant a second basket, stand it on a pot on your patio and when your summer basket fade, swap them over.

Autumn and Winter pansies are in stock now (September UK)

Be in front of your neighbours and have flowers pretty much all winter until next April next year – 7 months of flower.

Buy NOW and plants or pot straight away for the best winter colour ever.

How do I plant my favourite pots when they still look amazing?

Here’s a tip: Buy your winter pansies ASAP, take them home, remove them from their small packs and repot them using multi-purpose compost into 5″ flower pots. This encourages strong growth and gives you big flowering plants for your pots in October. Don’t forget to water and if they set seed take the seed heads off.

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