Choosing Christmas Lights


Choosing Christmas lights is straightforward when you know what you want to achieve. There is also the added bonus that many lights can be used indoors & outdoors depending upon your needs each Christmas.

For as long as there have been incandescent light bulbs, that is clear glass bulbs with a glowing wire inside it, we have decorated more Christmas trees, more mantle pieces, bushes, & our homes as the set became longer. The big downside of traditional Christmas lights has been the short life of the bulbs, & the general annoying problem that when one bulb blows all or a whole section of the lights would go out too. THis usually happens once you had completed the decorating of your Christmas tree.

Modern technology to the rescue.

Fortunately the invention of Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs has revolutionised Christmas lights. Not only do they use only 10% off the energy of the bulb type lights the LEDs last for up to 50,000 hours. We can’t even calculate how many Christmas’s that is. PLUS if one should ‘blow’ or your tread on one all the others stay lit. Failure of a set is more likely to be caused by wiring failure. to avoid this wrap your lights carefully for storage. Try wrapping your lights on a storage reel between Christmases to reduce stretching of the connections.


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